Revolutionize E-Commerce

Maximize your e-commerce potential: each website click becomes a gateway to tailored customer interactions and increased sales

Transform Lost Opportunities into Successful Sales

Trigger-Based Contact

Cald AI is integrated with your e-commerce platform’s cart system. When a customer, who has previously opted in for communication, abandons a cart, Cald AI receives a trigger notification.

Engagement After Abandonment

Following this trigger, Cald AI initiates a timely and relevant outreach, such as an automated call or message. This engagement happens after the customer has left the site, focusing on re-engagement rather than real-time monitoring.

Customized Messaging

The AI system leverages data from customer interactions, such as items in an abandoned cart, to craft personalized messages. These communications could include reminders about selected products, tailored offers, or helpful guidance for seamless transaction completion, effectively addressing various scenarios in the customer’s shopping journey.

Evolve with AI

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, staying connected with customers and understanding their needs is crucial for success. This is where the integration of AI technology, like Cald AI, becomes a game-changer. By utilizing intelligent algorithms and advanced data analytics, Cald AI offers a suite of features designed to enhance the customer experience and boost sales.

Enhance Your E-Commerce Success with AI Integration


Reduction in Customer Response Time

Increase in Customer Outreach


Uplift in Customer Retention Rate

Intelligent Customer Interaction

Cald AI recognizes and responds to various customer actions on an e-commerce site. Whether it’s a completed transaction, an item added to the wishlist, or an abandoned cart, Cald AI is programmed to follow up with a tailored phone call. By doing so, Cald AI helps in nurturing customer relationships, encouraging repeat visits, and increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Utilizing data-driven insights, Cald AI personalizes each call to align with the customer’s interests and previous interactions with the site. This level of personalization enhances the customer’s shopping experience, making them feel valued and understood, which is crucial in building brand loyalty and improving customer retention.